A trip to Stockholm in 2015 is where it all started. Putting a little white pouch under your lip: this initially seemed unfamiliar and shady to us, so we started asking questions. After a short introduction, we learned that this so-called 'snus' was an alternative for smoking. It is popular among Swedes as a method to meet their daily nicotine requirements. We were surprised that none of us had never heard of this product before.

A few years later we saw the same product appear in the Netherlands. It was rumoured that professional athletes used these pouches as a substitute for cigarettes. Snus helps those craving nicotine, but does not lead to lung damage or a decrease in stamina. Our tobacco-free snus provides an excellent, non-smelling alternative for smoking, especially because tobacco products are in for some strict legislative change here in the Netherlands.

Arctic Snus aims to familiarise Dutch smokers with this revolutionary product. The snus we offer originates from Sweden, so our customers can taste what we tasted back in 2015. Our formula is a combination of excellent service with an outstanding product.