Q: How do I use Arctic Snus' products?
A: Our products are packaged in small cans. You can use our products by inserting the pouches inside these cans under your lip. The easiest way is to grab the pouch with one hand and to lift your lip with your other hand. 


You should immediately feel an icy, tingling effect. After using, you can deposit the pouch in the upper section of your can or in the trash. Think of the environment when you discard our products.


If you experience headaches, nausea or dizziness during the use of our products, take out the pouch of your mouth. The most straightforward reason is that the nicotine in the pouch is too intense for you. Our advice is to try a less intense product to slowly build up your tolerance.


 Q: What are the advantages of snus?
A: Snus can be used in places where smoking is forbidden. Especially during your work (in the office), during travel, on planes, buses, trains, restaurants or even when you visit your friends' house. Snus does not have a foul odour when used and does therefore not harm others in your environment. Snus also does not harm the lungs of your children, as smoking in their company would do.

The laws concerning snus differ from country to country. It is therefore important that you check whether snus is legal in your destination. Arctic Snus is not responsible for any complications or legal issues that might arise out of these scenarios.


Q: Do you sell snus that contains tobacco?

A: No, we do not sell traditional snus. We only sell nicotine pouches that do not contain tobacco, even though our name is Arctic “snus". The way of using snus is the same, but our products are a 100% tobacco-free. The products we sell are legal for sale and consumption within the European Union and the Netherlands. Snus that contains tobacco is not legal in the Netherlands.


Q: Who can use your products?

A: Our products contain nicotine and are therefore only for adults above the age of 18. We do not make any exemptions whatsoever.

Consult with your doctor if you want to use our products when you use prescription medicine. If you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding, do not use our products. It is not recommended to use our products if you suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes or, for example, suffer from certain allergies, depression or asthma.

The use of our products can, in some rare situations, lead to nausea, shortness of breath, diarrhea, headache, dizziness and other symptoms. If you are sensitive to nicotine or in general, be careful and use in moderation. 


Q: Can I return my purchase?
A: Because our products are made for consumption and have an expiry date, we do not return. If there is something wrong with your order, you can always contact our support service. We strive to solve your problems in an appropriate way.


Feel free to fill out our contact form if you have any other questions.